Photo Rules:
1. The photo should generate a feeling of “calm”, left up to your interpretation, and appropriate for all audiences.
2. The picture must be taken by you; do not use someone else’s photo.
3. Your image should be a photographic image, not computer-generated.
4. You may edit your photo to adjust lighting and color, however the integrity of the original subject matter must be maintained. Do not edit your image to add parts that were not there when taking the photo.
5. The photo must have been taken during the duration of the challenge, not before.

Posting Rules:
1. You must post the photo to your own Instagram account.
2. You must post your photo with the hashtag #calmshutterz
3. Your image must include a title.
4. Your image must include a description.
5. Each account can enter no more than ONE (1) photo.
6. Your photo must be posted between Tuesday July 7 at 12:00pm Eastern (New York) Time and Monday July 20 at 12:00pm Eastern (New York) Time.
7. By entering a photo into the challenge, you agree to allow your photo to be shared and reposted for the purposes of advertising and documenting this and future challenges. When used, photo credit will be given to the posting Instagram account.

1. Judging will be done by the hosting team, #FluttermeShutterz
2. Judging decisions are final.
3. There will be one winner.
4. The winner will be announced on Wednesday July 22 at 12:00pm Eastern (New York) Time on team #FluttermeShutterz accounts, as well as the challenge hashtag #calmshutterz
5. The winner will receive shoutouts from #FluttermeShutterz team members, as well as an eGift Card worth U.S. $30.00 at the approximate time the winner is announced. eGift Card details will be sent via Instagram Direct Message to the posting account of the winning photo, and may be Visa, Amazon, or similar depending on the winner’s country of origin.

Good luck, have fun, and stay calm!

Flutter me Shutterz
International Photography Team

PC: Elisabeth Ann Carlson @elisabethanncarlson
a member of @FluttermeShutterz

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