Flutter me Shutterz December Photography Challenge: “Negative Space”
The negative space in your composition is the unoccupied area around your main subject. This challenge is about paying attention to that space, and how you are using it in your photograph.

By entering this challenge, you are helping to spread awareness about the worldwide mission of Pure Earth to rid the world of toxic pollution.

You are eligible to win one of three (3) $30.00 eGift cards (USD equivalent), to be published in the Flutter me Shutterz Magazine, to be featured on the Flutter me Shutterz website and social media accounts, and to be featured in Flutter me Shutterz Exhibitions.

**Supporting Pure Earth**
Pure Earth is a global nonprofit devoted to finding and cleaning up toxic communities to reduce pollution, save lives and protect the planet. Cleaning up one community at a time brings us closer to a Pure Earth. To learn more and support, visit pureearth.org.

Challenge Rules:
1. Photos should adhere to the theme "Negative Space”, and be appropriate for all audiences.
2. All photos must be taken by you, the entrant.
3. Entries must be tagged on your own Instagram account with the hashtag #NegativeSpaceShutterz
4. By entering a photo into the challenge, you agree for it to be published and featured in/on the Flutter me Shutterz Magazine, exhibitions, website, and social media accounts. You also agree for your photo to be shared and reposted for the purposes of advertising and documenting this and future challenges. Photographers will be credited when images are shared.

Prizes, Publishing, Exhibitions, Features:
1. Selections will be made by a panel of judges assembled by Flutter me Shutterz.
2. Decisions are final.
3. During and/or after the challenge, entrants may be contacted via Instagram Direct Message to provide the full-resolution image (version entered into the challenge) with original, unaltered exif data. Photographers will be given an option to include certain information along with the photograph, in the event that it is selected to be exhibited and/or published.
4. eGift card recipients will be announced on December 17, 18, and 19 on the Flutter me Shutterz website and social media accounts. eGift cards will be worth $30.00 USD at the approximate time the winner is announced. eGift Card details will be sent via Instagram Direct Message to the posting accounts of the winning photos, and may be Amazon, Visa, or similar depending on the winner’s country of residence.

We hope you enjoy this challenge!

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